Local news coverage for the Healthy Hydration Operation

H2Operation presented to the Davidson Academy and was featured on the KOLO8 news ABC. Local teen looks to put the dangers of sugar on display. kolofront

Davidson Academy Presentation

Speaking to students at the Davidson Academy about the dangers of sugar overconsumption

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The Sugar Calculator Mobile App Test Version Released. sugarcalculator2 sugarcalculator1
The H2Operation donated a 55- gallon water storage drum to a school with the money raised from the Davidson 2017 Summit H2OPERATION water sales and game booth.
55 Gallon water storage drum

55 Gallon Water Storage Drum for a School

” Your gift, a 55-gallon water storage drum, can save lives and prevent the spread of water-borne diseases like typhoid and cholera by giving a school somewhere to store its water. Thank you very much for your fundraising effort!”

-Plan International

Davidson Young Scholar Ambassador Summit Presentation 6/23/17-6/25/17

Davidson YS Ambassador presentation

Davidson 2017 Summit H2OPERATION water sales and sugar game booth 6/23/17-6/25/17
Davidson Summit H2Operation Exhibitor Booth

Davidson Summit H2Operation Exhibitor Booth

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to Mrs. Gonzalez’s 5th grade class at Hunsberger Elementary school.   4/10/17


“The amounts of sugar in drinks that are found in the average household are astonishing.  I think that the public is unaware of how much of the recommended daily allowance of sugar they are consuming with one soft drink.”

-Angela Gonzalez


H2Operation Sugar Presentation to Mrs. Braik’s 5th grade class at Grace Warner Elementary school.


 gracewarner2“My students learned a lot about the beverages they drink. They were so excited about what they learned they went home that night and let their parents know how much sugar was in the drinks their parents were drinking.  I am looking forward to using the data on [the] website. I plan on using the data to help my students learn about data analysis.”

-Amie Braik,  M.Ed. Fifth Grade Teacher

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to 5th and 6th grade SWAS students at Hunsberger Elementary school.


hunswas1 hunswas2

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to Mrs. Wilson’s 5th grade class at Hunsberger Elementary school.


hunsberger2“I was thoroughly impressed with Aiden’s ability to engage student learning throughout his H2Operation presentation.  Students were actively engaged throughout the presentation asking questions and especially enjoyed participating in the sugar guessing game!

The information [that had been] shared was just right for the age level and the students were engaged the entire time.”

-Christi Wilson

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to 5th and 6th grade SWAS students at Roy Gomm Elementary school.


h2operation2“[This] presentation was very well done. Students got a visual and very impactful understanding of the amount of sugar in drinks and foods we eat.  They also got a concept of what a more healthy sugar intake would be.  I myself was shocked at how much added sugar was in sweetened yogurt products.  I would love to share your presentation with my own family members and friends.

I recently referred to [this] presentation when I discovered a friend of mine cannot store food in his office fridge, because it is full of Mountain Dew!  I encouraged him to cut down on his intake and mentioned the health hazards [that have been] shared with us.”

-Mona Melton

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to 4th grade students at Roy Gomm Elementary school.


Roy Gomm 4th Grade

“The highly interactive lesson with the students was very engaging. The students were very interested to learn about the nutritional content of various beverages and the effects upon the body of  drinking different beverages.”

-Jack Green

H2Operation Sugar Presentation to students at The Davidson Academy of Nevada.


Davidson 09-26-16 Presentation
H2Operation Introduction at Davidson Young Scholar Summit Ambassador Presentation.



You and Your World (Sugar Presentations) at Davidson Summer STARS

6/20/16, 6/21/16, 6/22/16, 6/28/16, 6/29/16, 6/30/16

davidson stars sugar presentation